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Modern Art Gallery

Painting abstract art is like making music.
It's a similar consciousness for free jazz improvisation
Arising emotions are colored on canvas by painting knife.

Just like a trance music
Simple short loops making complex layers.


Famous icon piece using in Facebook & Twitter
The earth, blue & beautiful icon in dark space just like us
(2009 Acril on canvas)

Loops by Colors

Using brush for transparency effect (It's rare for me for using brush)
Trance music approach by repeating short loops.
(2010 Acril on canvas)

Tree Of Life

We will arise from fail.
Blooming top again by the nourishment of
sorrow, joy, discouragement, proud, hope, love
(2009 Acril on canvas)


"io" means myself in Italian, means ego.
"i" is in, "o" is out.
(2007 Acril on canvas)

Le Blues de Pierre

The blue piece series inspired by Pierre Soulage
The motif of this website.
(2007 Acril on paper)


Among water & shadow,
the fish glows the golden light of life.
The minimal expression is popular
on the several art sites.
(2009 Acril on paper)


If you feel dead-end during digital works,
You'd better to paint on canvas freely
with brush & make hands dirty with paint.
Your expression skill will be getting higher.